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Hybrids Are Better

Border Collie x Australian Shepard

Our puppies are not purebreds. They are very intentionally crossed hybrids: 3/4 Border Collie & 1/4 Australian Shepard. We are seeking to create the best pet Border-Aussie type that does well in your home. They are not intended for the show ring or the livestock yard. We have found that many purebreds suffer from breed-specific aliments and generally can have more neuro & health challenges, particularly in stock dogs. We love the loyalty, trainablity, and focus of the Border Collie, although the breed can tend to be shy and with obsessive, neurotic tendencies, particularly when kept as pets without a job to do. Australian Shepards are also incredible dogs with amazing coat colors, although their thick coats can be quite a challenge to keep up with and they are sometimes quite stubborn and even too aggressive for a good pet. That is why our puppies are mostly Border Collie with just enough Australian Shepard. We selected breeding dogs purposefully NOT of show lines, but working stock to ensure healthy dogs (working dogs cannot be prone to illness or injury). We also selected our pair for their excellent pet temperaments (both are too sweet to do good actually herding stock). A final important quality they both have for pet considerations is a unusually short coat for the breed. This means cuddliness with out excessive shedding or high grooming bills!