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Breeding oregon's best, sweetest, smartest, best border-aussie puppies!

Puppy Parents


Daddy Dog: Tap

Tap is a black and white Border Collie with a rare smooth coat. He is still plenty furry enough for nice cuddles, but without the headache of special requirements for grooming like most Collies. Tap is attentive, intelligent, always looking for what you want, loyal and cuddly. He has been super easy to train, exceptionally well-mannered, loves to be with us and do whatever we are doing. He's happy on long hikes or runs, playing at the beach, riding in the car, or just laying at your feet (or in your lap!). It was said that he was too sweet to be a working stock dog, but he sure makes a great pet!


Mama Dog: Belle

Belle is a tri-colored merle 1/2 Border Collie x 1/2 Australian Shepard. She is confident and friendly, loves to cuddle, super smart, & trains easy. She loves going on car rides and out for a run or a hike. Just like Tap, even though she has the energy to keep up with an active life-style, she is very content just laying near (or on!) us. She is sweet and gentle with small children and pets alike. She has two piercing blue eyes that visitors can't resist! She also has the best no-maintenance medium coat that sheds out to almost a short coat in the summer. Many aussie and collie breeds have such a thick dense coat that they require extensive grooming and often shaving during the hot summer months. I'm very pleased to say Belle's coat has needed no special attention.


Tap & Belle's Parents

Both Tap & Belle's parents came from working stock. Stock dogs have to be healthy, smart, loyal and not require special grooming. We purposefully chose our dogs from these lines to get a good healthy pet that would't require high vet & grooming bills! (Click the picture)