Delivering to Portland, Salem, Columbia Gorge, & Bend Areas

Breeding oregon's best, sweetest, smartest, best border-aussie puppies!

Liter Born October 26th, 2017

Big Blue Boy (SOLD)


First born, this guy is big & strong with gorgeous merel markings. 

Teal Mustache Girl (SOLD)


Second born, Mustache Girl as an adorable white mustache across her dark nose! She is sweet & calm and average size. 

Little Purple Girl (SOLD)


This scrappy little girl was born third and noticeably smaller than her litter mates. She is strong & healthy despite her size and doesn’t let her bigger littermates push her around!

Orange Girl (SOLD)


Half white & half black face is one of our favorites with her distinct markings and calm temperament.

Red Collar Girl (SOLD)


Fith born this sweet little girl is second smallest in the litter with beautiful blue merel markings including a spot on top of her head! 

Tan Collar Girl (SOLD)


Tan girl has classic black & white border collie markings and a nice even temperament.

Brown Collar Boy (SOLD)


Brown Boy has classic border collie markings with a nice even temperament and average size. 

Yellow Collar Girl (SOLD)


Yellow Girl has classic markings with just a little extra black on her neck. She is very calm and average size.

Big Green Girl (SOLD)


The very last born Green Girl is noticeably bigger than the rest of her litter. She has gorgeous markings with a half mask & generous white.